Iron Bridge Capital Partners, LLC - Atlanta Private Private Equity and Development Company

Iron Bridge Capital Partners is a private equity and development company headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina with operations in the United States and abroad. Iron Bridge provides investment capital and development expertise for commercial real estate, infrastructure, power generation, and government and educational facilities. Since its inception in 2001, Iron Bridge has completed more than $250 million of investment and development projects and has created a number of operating subsidiaries to focus on specific business units including: 1) affordable housing; 2) education; and 3) power generation.

Iron Bridge excels in customizing unique financing structures to minimize risk and the overall cost of capital. The strategic deftness of the organization has proven invaluable in completing a number of private/public partnerships that forge private-sector
efficiencies with public-sector needs, maximizing the
public tax dollar. Iron Bridge Capital Partners has the
ingenuity, integrity, experience and willingness to partner
with like-minded firms to ensure remarkable returns
for its investors and extraordinary value and quality
in every development project.